Making the Most of Planting Season

landscape planting

Cool season annuals bloom in the flowerbed. Enthusiastic gardeners here in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill and King City are busily shopping and ordering in warm season annuals and perennial bulbs that bloom in summer. Trees and blossoming shrubs are on the lists. It is planting time in our area and everyone is anxious to get started.

The end of May is historically the start of planting our warm season annuals and perennials. Because our growing season is shorter than some areas, it is important to take advantage of every day of planting time. Why not let us do the planting so you can enjoy your new blooms? RMF Landscape Construction Ltd. knows which flowers, trees and shrubs successfully beautify landscapes in our area.


Installation of a picture-perfect flowerbed or even a design for your entire yard is best done with planning and expertise. Our experienced designers can offer both. RMF Landscape Construction Ltd. has years of experience in implementing the customer's design or creating the perfect one for you. Do not waste that limited, warm season planting weather with a do-it-yourself project that you do not have time to complete. 

In addition, our designers and installation crew know when and how to amend your soil for healthy growth of your chosen specimens. Maintenance crews keep your new plantings growing and weed-free for the entire season. We can even add special hardscape features, such as a winding garden path or wall.

Let's get started today with planting those new additions to the landscape. RMF Landscape Construction Ltd. offers your best options for a beautiful, blooming, summer garden.