Landscape Design Services for the Perfect Outdoor Space

landscape design plans

We all love a well-planted landscape design, beds of blooms swaying in a gentle breeze; borders of blossoming shrubs with foliage that changes color and becomes even more vibrant as summer draws to an end. Perhaps you have attempted this type of planting in your own yard or around your business and found the results lacking. Perhaps this indicates that you need professional Landscape Design Services.

If so, consider a landscape design from RMF Landscape Construction, Ltd. Years of design and planting in the Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill and King City areas, taught us what works here and more importantly, what does not.

Considering our limited growing and planting season here, there is little time for installing the wrong plant or putting it in the ground at the wrong time. Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge of the area to get a landscape design that works the first time.

A professional landscape designer compares to an artist painting a picture or a potter spinning a wheel. The landscape designer sees your property as a blank canvas; ready for a beautiful creation of colors, textures, foliage and blooms. Just as an artist uses different brushes for a range of effects, so the landscape designer does with plant material.

Garden themes are an important part of landscape design. Accomplish your perfect outdoor space with continuing blooms on some specimens while others blossom later. More than flowers complete the professional landscape design. Focal points in the landscape draw attention, attractive foliage hides an unsightly area. Bark on trees and swaying grasses combine for serendipity in the landscape.

RMF Landscape Construction, Ltd. specializes in planting and maintaining your perfect landscape. Contact us to get started on your landscape design today.