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Once a landscaping project is complete, it will require maintenance to keep the property looking its very best. Implementing a commercial landscape maintenance plan will make sure the commercial property landscaping stays healthy and retain the vigor, strength, color and spirit the landscaping represents.

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Chances are if you're redesigning a space like your backyard, you already have a general idea of how you want the space to look. Sometimes it's a garden or a pool, or redesigning the space to make it easier to entertain guests.

Before breaking ground on your new project, however, consider obtaining landscape consultation services. Among other perks, a landscape consultant will be able to solidify your ideas into an actionable plan, and help add or notice other features you may not have considered.

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Need a bit more daily zen in your life? Get a waterfall for your backyard. You'll reap many great benefits from waking up to the sound of it every day.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 06:00

How to Choose the Right Wood for New Decks

Decks are a great way to add a suitable outdoor living space to your home. Wood is often preferred for new deck construction because of its useful building characteristics. Are you considering a new deck for your house? Use this guide to choose the right wood for your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetic style.

What kinds of wood are suitable for decks?

When it comes to timber, some wood is better suited for construction and outdoor use than others.

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Monday, 15 June 2015 06:00

How to Choose a Patio, Deck, or Both

Are you ready to improve your outdoor space by renovating existing structures and/or adding new living areas? Explore the differences between a patio and deck, or consider adding both, with this informative article.

Is It a Patio or a Deck?

Sometimes the terms patio and deck are used interchangeably, but by mistake. Both a patio and a deck have certain features differentiating the two.

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Friday, 12 June 2015 06:00

3 Huge Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There are so many wonderful aspects of landscaping and of the most useful is landscape lighting. You may have been considering it for your property for quite some time now, but aren't aware of all the advantages of it. This post will discuss three big benefits of landscape lighting.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 06:00

Get Going on Garden Maintenance

As we enjoy those spring activities, remember, it is also a great time to start with our garden maintenance.

Landscaping in front of the home is particularly important. The appearance of your front yard speaks volumes about who you are and what lies within the home. A few basic tasks can make a huge difference in the way your front landscape appears to others, adding curb appeal and welcoming your guests.

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Monday, 08 June 2015 06:00

A Fence is Not Just a Divider

We've all heard the saying 'good fences make good neighbors', but a fence is more than just a privacy wall. A fence should be both stylish and functional as well as provide security for you and your loved ones, but with so many options, what should you choose? Here's what to consider when installing a fence with RMF Landscape Construction Ltd.

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Retaining walls serve several different functions. They create a raised planting bed and help manage sloping areas. Creating a level area or multi-level areas to take advantage of an area is challenging in both labor and cost management.

Materials used in retaining wall construction can vary according to preference and cost. Let’s discuss two of the most common materials used in retaining wall construction.

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Wednesday, 03 June 2015 06:00

Why You Should Leave Pruning to the Pros

You might be planning to head out to the garden this weekend with the big, rusty shears that have been hanging in your garage since 1996 and try your hand at a little tree and shrub pruning.

But wait! Did you know that without proper training you can easily cause irreparable harm to your plants? Pruning is a fine art, and here at RMF we've mastered it. Here are a few reasons you should leave pruning to the pros:

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