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Patio design can make or break a backyard, and you should know all your options. Here we explore the popular use of flagstones in your patio.

Flagstone patios come in many different patterns. Some are formal-looking and some are natural-looking, and some come with plants growing between the stones. There is endless room for creativity when designing a patio made of flagstones. How yours turns out depends on the rocks and patterns you use.

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If you have a pool, or are considering a pool install, you probably haven't thought of the benefits of a cabana or pool house quite yet. Because, as you are aware, a cabana won't help your swimming pool function any better.

But consider this, a pool house is an extension of your pool, and of your home. Plus, if you have an already established pool, a cabana is a perfect addition for the ultimate in luxury.

Still conflicted? Here are 7 benefits of installing a pool house.

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Monday, 13 July 2015 06:00

4 Great Benefits of a Pool Install

A backyard swimming pool is summer's ultimate companion. There is nothing like the feeling of being able to spend a lazy summer day lounging in the pool, cooling off, while the sun's rays work hard to warm everything in their sight.

So while a pool install can be all about having "fun in the sun," there are several benefits that you may not have thought of surrounding having a pool.

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Having a backyard pond comes with a host of natural and aesthetic benefits. The beauty a pond brings is unrivaled. The sights and sounds connected to it will leave you wondering why you never considered adding a pond before.

But aside from all of the visuals and the relaxing feel, there are many benefits surrounding a pond install. Here are just a few.

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