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With the warm, breezy days of summer just beginning, commercial snow and ice control is probably the last thing on your mind. In a few short months, however, these warmer temperatures will give way to the wet and dry spells of autumn, which will be quickly followed by the extremes in temperature and snowfall that are common in the greater Toronto Area from November to March.

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Monday, 21 September 2015 06:00

Meeting Your Fall Clean Up Needs

Fall is a great time of year. The weather cools off and the leaves change into a range of gorgeous colors before falling off for the winter. As the kids return to school and your family’s schedule becomes routine, it is time to turn your attention to some fall clean up for your yard. This year, you should hire a professional lawn maintenance service. Here are some chores they will take care of for you.

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Monday, 14 September 2015 06:00

Benefits of Professional Lawn Services

Let’s face it! Having a home with a big yard is a lot of work. You have to mow it, trim the hedges, tend to the trees and plant flowers in the spring and fall. You do all of these things because it is important to keep your yard looking its best. However, you don’t have to handle these tasks alone. A professional landscaping company provides lawn services with many benefits to you. Benefits of a professional lawn service include:

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Monday, 07 September 2015 06:00

Incorporating Pergolas into Landscape Design

Pergolas are a permanent outdoor architectural feature for the garden that forms a walkway or sitting area that provides shade. The basic pergola design is vertical posts with cross beams and open, sturdy lattice-work. Pergolas can be an extension of a building or a link between other structures such as gazebos or pavilions. Such a structure allows a sitting area to experience light sun and breeze but also offer protection from the harshness of direct sunlight, as well as privacy.

Pergolas incorporated into landscape design will help define a transition area from inside to outside space. The structures will also serve as an accent or frame a focal point in the landscape design. Adding elegance and a splash of grace, as well as function to a garden design is easily accomplished with pergolas.

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