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The foundation for family time, entertaining or just relaxing.

Patios & Decks

Creating flexible and functional spaces with a patio, deck, or walkway is an essential component when enhancing your homes landscaping. Natural materials like stone and wood provide beauty and durability to any design. Whether it is enhanced curb appeal from your front walkway, or proving a canvas on which to create a stunning backyard space, a patio or deck will act as the foundation for your perfect outdoor oasis. One that will last for years to come and is sure to add value to your home.

Patios Decks

RMF Deck Patio 1 RMF Deck Patio 10 RMF Deck Patio 2 RMF Deck Patio 3 RMF Deck Patio 4 RMF Deck Patio 5 RMF Deck Patio 7 RMF Deck Patio 8 RMF Deck Patio 9

Stone Work

Natural stone can add a dimension to a landscape project that interlock products can’t; the WOW factor. Square cut and random flagstone walkways, patios, pool decks, terraces, driveways, as well as pillars and walls – the options are endless and when installed professionally, add a lifetime of natural allure.

Stone Work

RMF Stone 1 RMF Stone 2 RMF Stone 3 RMF Stone 4 RMF Stone 5 RMF Stone 6 RMF Stone 7 RMF Stone 8 RMF Stone 9

Sport Courts

Invest in family game time and increased physical fitness through outdoor activity! Add another level of versatility to your yard with a sport court installation. Accommodate you and your family's practice needs with your our own court, available 24/7! No more travelling, waiting, or getting up early to get court time! Custom designed to fit any size yard with options to suit all of your favourite sports. Expertly installed and built to last through our harsh Ontario winters.

Sport Court

RMF Sport Court 1 RMF Sport Court 2 RMF Sport Court 3 RMF Sport Court 4 RMF Sport Court 5

Outdoor Structures

Outdoor structures extend your living space to the outdoors. Whether it's a simple cedar arbour or a fully furnished outdoor oasis with big-screen TV, our design team excels at balancing aesthetics and functionality while providing you with a place for shade, privacy, and comfort.

Outdoor Structures

RMF Structures 1 RMF Structures 2 RMF Structures 3 RMF Structures 4 RMF Structures 5 RMF Structures 6 RMF Structures 7 RMF Structures 8 RMF Structures 9


Once the sun goes down, nothing enhances the beauty and ambiance of your outdoor space better than well-designed outdoor lighting. Add drama to landscaping or architectural features, create a warm welcome for your guests, or immerse your family and friends in a comfortable and intimate backyard entertainment space. Outdoor lighting not only makes your home safer after dark, it also allows your to enjoy the space you have well into the seasons when it gets darker earlier.

Gallery Lighting

RMF Lighting 1 RMF Lighting 2 RMF Lighting 3 RMF Lighting 4 RMF Lighting 5 RMF Lighting 6 RMF Lighting 7

Water Features

Add beauty and tranquility to your landscaping with a custom designed water feature. Water has been shown to help calm the mind, and the soothing sounds of a waterfall or bubbling fountain effectively reduces the noise pollution from our busy environments. We are naturally attracted to water and a pool, fountain, waterfall, or pond can act as a focal point in your beautiful outdoor oasis. From waterfalls to bubbling rocks, our designs and professional install are sure to meet your needs.

Water Features

RMF Water Features 1 RMF Water Features 2 RMF Water Features 3 RMF Water Features 4 RMF Water Features 5 RMF Water Features 6


Planting is an essential part of a landscape design and requires various types of trees, shrubs and flowers carefully located within an environment in which they can thrive. From large trees, accent hedges, small trees and shrubs to perennial gardens, RMF can take care of all your planting needs.


RMF Planting 1 RMF Planting 2 RMF Planting 3 RMF Planting 4 RMF Planting 5 RMF Planting 6 RMF Planting 7 RMF Planting 8 RMF Planting 9

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