Pools & Spas

Tranquility, exercise or just fun... Come home to it all with your very own backyard resort.


A rejuvenating oasis right in your back yard. We offer a wide range of pool shapes, sizes and materials to fit any property. Not enough room for a pool? A spa can be the perfect accent to a landscaped back yard.


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Outdoor Structures

Outdoor structures extend your living space to the outdoors. Whether it's a simple cedar arbour or a fully furnished outdoor oasis with big-screen TV, our design team excels at balancing aesthetics and functionality while providing you with a place for shade, privacy, and comfort.

Outdoor Structures

RMF Structures 1 RMF Structures 10 RMF Structures 2 RMF Structures 3 RMF Structures 4 RMF Structures 5 RMF Structures 6 RMF Structures 8 RMF Structures 9


Professionally installed landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your home when the sun goes down. Low voltage attractive lighting is customized for each project.

Gallery Lighting

RMF Lighting 1 RMF Lighting 2 RMF Lighting 3 RMF Lighting 4 RMF Lighting 5 RMF Lighting 6 RMF Lighting 7

Water Features

Add beauty and tranquility to your landscape with a custom water feature. From waterfalls to bubbling rocks, RMF can design and install exactly what you need.

Water Features

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